Privacy statement

1. General

Welcome to the Sparkx Network. This Network is administered by Sparkx. The present Policy Statement applies to the use Sparkz makes of the information provided by you. The words us, ours, and we, refer to Sparkx.

In this Privacy Policy you can read about our practices regarding the collection and use of information that you may make available via the Network. You should read this entire statement before using or providing any information to the Network. While the Network is accessible to everyone, members of the Sparkx community are granted more rights than non members, including the right to add information onto the Network.

By accessing the Network you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the conditions of our Privacy Policy. If you provide information via the Network, you are also agreeing to the collection, use and the making public of that information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Sparkx reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement at any time. We strongly advise you to check this page for changes at regular intervals. By using the Network, you are deemed to have read and agreed to any such changes.

2. Use and transfer of information

Unless otherwise expressly stated, we may use the information submitted by you to improve the content of the Network, to tailor the Network to your match your preferences, for the provision of information (at your request), and for our marketing and market research activities. Unless otherwise expressly stated, any information submitted by you shall not be disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes.

The Network offers you the possibility to mark certain data as not public/not in the public domain. It means, for instance, that such data can only be viewed by members in the members-only areas in the Network and cannot be accessed by other users. In the event, the data involved is still accessible to Sparkx. It goes without saying that we shall treat this data as confidential.

Sparkx is entitled to compare data on the Network with data on other networks in order to examine how data from the Network compares proportionately to that of other networks. Any such juxtaposition of data is made on a strictly anonymous basis and is, for example, only for the purposes of assessing the average age of its members, the male-female ratio, and so on. Sparkx is entitled to provide such anonymous data to advertisers on the Network.

We are taking all reasonable security measures to protect your personal information during the transfer from your computer to the Network and to safeguard this information against loss, misuse and unauthorized access, dissemination, alteration or destruction. You should be aware that the transmission of data via the Internet is never 100% safe or completely free from technical malfunctions or disturbances. Any such transfer of personal information is done at your own risk. Sparkz does not accept any responsibility and/or liability whatsoever in the above event.

3. Links to other websites

The Network may contain links or references to other websites. You should note that such sites are not governed by our Privacy Policy.

4. Miscellaneous Provisions

In the event of a difference of opinion or interpretation, only the Dutch text will be authentic.

Your membership of the Network is also subject to the Sparkx User Agreement, which you should read carefully.

Should you have any questions regarding the Privacy Statement or any complaints regarding privacy issues, please contact us by email at: send us an email at: