1. What is Sparkx about?
2. What can I find in the Sparkx Atlas?
3. Why do we recommend to connect your Sparkx account to your Facebook account?
4. How do I invite friends?
5. Why do we recommend you to invite friends to Sparkx?
6. Why would I want a Map?
7. Where do I find my Map and how can I share my Map with friends?
8. How do I create my own Map?
9. How do I pimp my Map?
10. How do I add a spot to my Map?
11. How do I edit a spot which I added?
12. How do I edit my review of a spot?
13. Is my Map public to everyone?
14. How do I add a spot to my Map when its already recommended by someone else?
15. I dont remember my username and/or password..
16. Why would I use the button AddThis?
17. Why do I see a lot of reviews in Dutch?
18. Contact