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Hotel la Minerva, Hotels
Via Occhio Marino 8, Capri Capri, Italy · I've been here · Add to wishlist · Share
Sparkx Concierge loved it! Good   –  La Minerva is a small boutique hotel which stands out for their super kind service and excellent location. Luigi and Antonino will help you with all your needs and are the best conciërges you can dream of. Breakfast is served on the roof terrace with a stunning sea view, so you can wake up in the best possible way. During the day you can lounge by the pool where they also serve drinks and snacks during the day. At night when you come back to your room you will find a candle lit room with a rose and a things to do note for the next day on your bed. Really sweet. And do take a massage or a scrub, because she is the sweetest lady you can think of. Do book this hotel far in advance, because they have a lot of happy guests who come each year.
Added Friday at 7:38pm · Was here July 2015
Ristorante Da Tonino, Restaurants
Via Dentecale, 15 Capri, Italy · I've been here · Add to wishlist · Share
Sparkx Concierge loved it! Good   –  It's quite a walk to get here, but walking makes you hungry and it's an important part of the experience... You will find a traditional Italian restaurant, with a warm family feeling. You can look into the kitchen, the music is playing from a laptop and the service is very friendly. Try the pasta with clams and order a good bottle of wine from their extensive wine cellar.
Added Wednesday at 9:53pm · Was here July 2015
Ristorante La Fontelina, Restaurants
Via Faraglioni Capri, Italy · I've been here · Add to wishlist · Share
Sparkx Concierge loved it! Good   –  Fontelina first opened in 1949 as small seaside restaurant: a simple place, where the catch of the day was cooked to perfection on the grill, Today there are a few more tables, a professional kitchen, and a straw roofed pergola to shade customers as they eat, but the simple nature of the restaurant has remained the same.
You can stay here all day on the beach. Its a steep climb back, but you can take a boat back too. Rent a bed in advance, take a swim, enjoy the view of all the yachts and have a great lunch with pinot grigio, tasteful veggies and grilled fish. The also have mouth watering desserts and dont forget to try Fontelina's legendary Iced sangria,,,
Added Wednesday at 8:45am · Was here July 2015
Hotel La Scalinatella, Restaurants
Via Tragara, 8 Capri, Italy · I've been here · Add to wishlist · Share
Sparkx Concierge loved it! Good   –  What a stunning small glamorous hotel. The look and feel is sooo Capri from the sixties. Gorgeous view and at walking distance from the town and La Fontelina beachclub (which is a steep way down hill). Its an adults only hotel and lunch is only open for guests of the Morgano Hotels — La Scalinatella, Casa Morgano, and Grand Hotel Quisisana. If you are lucky enough to be staying at one of those hotels, you must go and have lunch here. Or call on the same day and they might let you come if they have availability. Lunch here is not going to be a quick affair, but you are in for a treat so relax and settle in for the ride. There is no fixed menu and the waiter will list the dishes of the day for you to choose from. Start off with one of their amazing peach bellinis and snack on their light and crispy zucchini fritti while you wait.
Added Wednesday at 8:25am · Was here July 2015
Da Paolino, Restaurants
Via Palazzo a Mare, 11 Capri, Italy · I've been here · Add to wishlist · Share
Suzan loved it! Good   –  Years ago I visited this restaurant with my mother and although it was an unbeatable evening, I would love to go again to relive that great memory with too much limoncello and the entire restaurant to ourselves.
Added Monday at 10:36pm
Villa Spalletti Trivelli, Hotels
Via Piacenza, 4 Rome, Italy · I've been here · Add to wishlist · Share
Suzan added this to her wishlist   –  Excellent reviews.
Added Sunday at 10:12am
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