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Taj Mahal, Restaurants
Zadelstraat 32, Utrecht utrecht, The Netherland · I've been here · Add to wishlist · Share
Suzan loved it! Good   –  My favourite Indian restaurant in Utrecht. Everything is good, especially the curries and i always add sag paneer, which is really good. Friendly people, you always feel welcome.
Added 2 hours ago · Was here March 2015
MrLeGrand loved it! Good   –  One of the oldest Indian Restaurants in Utrecht. Dishes are made in traditional way and not to much adapted to western taste. Since university I regular visit this restaurant and still love it!
Added Saturday at 10:48am · Was here February 2015
Arsenaal, Restaurants
Kooltjesbuurt 1 Naarden, Netherlands · I've been here · Add to wishlist · Share
Sparkx Concierge loved it! Good   –  This restaurant of Paul Fagel is located next to the design centre van Jan Des Bouvrie. Great terrace in the summer and quality is good again.
Added Saturday at 11:51am · Was here February 2015
Librije's Zusje Amsterdam, Restaurants
Herengracht 542-556 Amsterdam, The Netherlands · I've been here · Add to wishlist · Share
MrLeGrand says: Not bad. Okay   –  Slightly over the top....not too bad, but expectations not met. Scenary though is beautifull!
Added Saturday at 11:04am · Was here February 2015
Sparkx Concierge loved it! Good   –  We loved the nice atmosphere. The restaurant feels like if you are having lunch in London with the view of the garden and the international vibe of the hotel. The food was for 75% good, tasty and beautifully decorated. But the fish we had was still raw and bloody on the inside so we had to send it back. This shouldn't happen in a restaurant like this. Since they didn't charge us for it and because the waiters were excellent, we do think this restaurant deserves the attention.
Added Tuesday at 10:22pm · Was here February 2015
Taiko Restaurant & Bar by Schilo, Restaurants
Van Baerlestraat 27 Amsterdam, The Netherlands · I've been here · Add to wishlist · Share
Sparkx Concierge loved it! Good   –  We were finally able to visit the Asian Japanese inspired kitchen run by chef Shilo. What a delicate flavours, beautiful dishes, friendly staff, good wines and just excellent quality of dim sum, sashimi, roasted wagyu beef, black cod served in a leaf and such a yummy fresh desert with rice and fruit. Okura's Yamazato has a competitor in the city (we are still a big fan though, so don't worry). Expect to pay for it, but it's worth it and so are you.
Added Thursday at 10:59pm · Was here February 2015
Omells Restaurant, Lunch
Passatge de Pla, 11 Barcelona, Spain · I've been here · Add to wishlist · Share
Inge loved it! Good   –  nice design, personal touch, good, healthy food, made with love.
Added Wednesday at 11:03pm · Was here February 2015
Bakers & Roasters, Coffee salons
Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54 Amsterdam, The Netherlands · I've been here · Add to wishlist · Share
Rachel De says: Not bad. Okay   –  Went for breakfast. Food is fabulous, but somewhat overpriced. Coffee is good, but not served hot enough which was a let down. Brought some carrot cake home with us. Taste was nice, bit too dry and again a bit overpriced. All in all, nice New Zealand vibe, good food, but a bit dear for what you get.
Added Wednesday at 6:41pm
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