Sparkx is a service for travelers and bon vivants.

So if you enjoy:
  • to find the most authentic, special, beautiful and culinary spots in the world
  • to save your favourite spots to remember where you have been
  • to exchange the best places with friends

..Sparkx will become your new favourite online destination.

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The Sparkx Atlas

To find the best and most authentic spots go to the Sparkx Atlas, a guide in Google Maps format. Just zoom in on the map or type in a search term.
Subcribe to Sparkx

To subscribe is only a matter of seconds. We're spam-haters too and we will never use your data without your explicit consent. And if you are not sparked with our service, you can always delete your account yourself.

A Facebook user as well? Click on Connect with Facebook to subscribe to Sparkx, so you can easily log in with your Facebook username and password and invite your friends from Facebook.
Save your favourite spots to Your Map

You've got to try it, It's addictive! Just start with a few of your favourite spots, any spot, anywhere in the world. From hotels to restaurants, from spas to resorts, from holiday houses to campings, from shops to outlets & markets.

Note: Sparkx recommends using English, so your dear international friends are able to read your wise words as well.
Add spots listed in the Sparkx Atlas to Your Map

Did you see your favourite spot already mentioned in the Sparkx Atlas? Just click 'Add to your map' and let your friends know what your opinion of this spot was and when you were there. In a few years time, looking at your Sparkx-map, you will be so grateful for so many memories in one place!

And if you see a cool interesting spot where you want to go, you should click 'Add to your map' as well and save it to your 'Wishlist'.
Discover friends and check your suggestions who you might know

Sparkx is all about seeing the favourites of your friends and experts (you can become friends with). For the optimal Sparkx experience, import your friends from Facebook, and find their favourite spots.

On Sparkx you can also easily import your friends from LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networks. This way you can make sure you won't miss anyone's recommendations!
Check out Your Map

  • You can find your Sparkx-map at Your Map in the menu. Or on this url: (sure, you may edit your maps name and url in your settings).
  • Your Map contains all the spots you have visited and the ones you have added to your wishlist, this way you can keep them all in one place.

Share your spots on other networks (Twitter, Facebook etc.)

Just had dinner in a great restaurant, or you are in a super B&B: share the wealth of your discoveries! Save it on Sparkx and share it on Facebook, Twitter etc directly.

Place a widget of your map on your own website/social network or blog

This is a great feature if you want to pimp your own blog/website and be more attractive for your visitors. Or put your Sparkx-map on your social network.

Or e-mail us on if you have a question.